Los Santos Cops And Robbers Version: 5.4.1

[NEW] Bank interior & Bank group robbery system with 2 different vault doors. Rob in group of 4 or less.
[NEW] Caligulas Casino robbery. Rob in group of 4 or less.
[NEW] Group city hall robbery. Rob in group of 4 or less.
[NEW] New NPC’s with animation at cityhall, bank & caligulas.
[NEW] Top player list now shows upto 10 players instead of 5.

[REMOVED] Hideout system for Bank, Caligulas casino has been removed.
[ADMINS] New event command /setwantedall for level 3+ admins.
[ADMINS] 3dlabel on head when on-duty.

[FIX] Lottery pot now increased to 50k instead of 10k
[FIX] Hospital heal cost reduced to 2k & cure cost to 2.5k.
[FIX] Registering new account now only gives 10k and 5k in bank instead of 20k & 50k resp.
[FIX] Jail evading death bug has been fixed.
[FIX] No wanted after robbing other civillians
[FIX] Attempt to ****/rob now gives wanted level.
[FIX] /gc now requires atleast 10 score.
[FIX] MAX kidnap ransom changed to 15k instead of 75k due to new economy.

& few more fixes.
Posted on 19/08/2015


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